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Tigre 20

In the vast expanses of the Mongolian steppes, Tigre 20, a young man born on the edges of the world, found himself entangled in a life of adversity. Faced with the harsh realities of survival, he turned to unconventional means to make a living – hijacking cargo planes that traversed the remote skies above his homeland.

During one daring heist, Tigre remotely crashed a cargo plane, expecting to find valuable goods to trade. To his surprise, the cargo hold revealed not treasures but four Siberian tigers, displaced from their natural habitat and confined within large cages. This unexpected encounter left an indelible mark on Tigre, prompting him to adopt the name Tigre 20, signifying both the majestic creatures and the year of his birth 2120.

As Tigre expanded his operation, he designed a uniform for his crew. a collection of clothing with designs that mirrored the untamed spirit of the steppes and the powerful essence of the tigers. Intricate images of the majestic creatures adorned hoodies and T-shirts, becoming a canvas for Tigre's story.